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I’ve never been female. But I have been black my whole life. I can perhaps offer some insight from that perspective. There are many similar social issues related to access to equal opportunity that we find in the black community, as well as the community of women in a white male dominate society…

When I look at — throughout my life — I’ve known that I wanted to do astrophysics since I was 9 years old…I got to see how the world around me reacted to my expressions of these ambitions. All I can say is, the fact that I wanted to be a scientist, an astrophysicist was hands down the path of most resistance through the forces of society.

Anytime I expressed this interest, teachers would say, ‘Oh, don’t you wanna be an athlete?’ I want to become someone that was outside of the paradigm of expectations of the people in power. Fortunately, my depth of interest of the universe was so deep and so fuel enriched that everyone of these curve balls that I was thrown, and fences built in front of me, and hills that I had to climb, I just reach for more fuel, and I just kept going.

Now, here I am, one of the most visible scientists in the land, and I wanna look behind me and say, ‘Where are the others who might have been this,’ and they’re not there! …I happened to survive and others did not simply because of forces of society that prevented it at every turn. At every turn.

…My life experience tells me that when you don’t find blacks, when you don’t find women in the sciences, I know that these forces are real, and I had to survive them in order to get where I am today.

So before we start talking about genetic differences, you gotta come up with a system where there’s equal opportunity, then we can have that conversation.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson in response to a question posed by Lawrence Summers, former Treasury Security and Harvard University President

"What’s up with chicks and science?"

Are there genetic differences between men and women, explain why more men are in science.

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Our psychological state allows us to see only what we want/need/feel to see at a particular time. What five words do you see?

this scares me a little

*look I filled a word search with lots of bad things to scare you into thinking that you’re evil*




Our psychological state allows us to see only what we want/need/feel to see at a particular time. What five words do you see?

this scares me a little

*look I filled a word search with lots of bad things to scare you into thinking that you’re evil*










Uromastyx likes her belly rubbed

this is a fucking lizard getting her belly rubbed if you don’t think that’s the cutest shit then get out of my blog


This animal is not happy! ): This is a panic/defence mechanism, this is probably really freaking the poor thing out.  i’ve seen multiple reblogs of this post informing people of that, so I thought I’d let you know.

This is a Uromastyx, their defence mechanism is to INFLATE their bodies and move them as if they were “belly dancing” as they release air through their mouths letting a “haaaaaaaaaaaah” kind of sound until you leave them alone. If you don’t they’ll HIT you with their spiky tail.

This Uromastyx is exposing its belly on their own will, what it’s doing first is smell the hand to see if it’s someone they know. Since it is (remember the belly is the most vulnerable part of their body) and knows the person won’t harm them, it exposes the belly for the rubs.

And I talk from experience, I have an Uromastyx Acanthinura. It took me forever to get mine to trust me enough to allow me pet him and let me pick him up (and then teach him that my mum (he used to react aggressively towards her presence just by smelling her hand) that my mum was to be trusted).

TDLR; the Uromastyx in the gif trusts their owner and allows the owner to rub the belly, that isn’t how Uromastyx defend themselves

I get so happy when people with actual facts, knowledge, and experience explain things to those who do more talking than understanding.

I’m so fucking elated that this lizard IS actually enjoying tummy tickles. I’ve gone my entire life being sad because people kept saying this was a discomfort display. I’m so happy that the lizard is happy. I’m so happy.

The only animals who expose their softest, most vulnerable parts as a threat display/defense mechanism while also basically immobilizing themselves are usually poisonous animals or close mimics of poisonous animals, and Uromastyx is neither.

Usually such a display is also colorful.

But yeah how fucking cute is it that a little lizard will sniff your hand to make sure you’re the right giant

The idea that reptiles are dumb and emotionless is far too ingrained even among hobbyists and scientific professionals.


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Every time this video shows up, I 1. have to watch it again, and 2. laugh until I’m crying like I have a problem.




it’s a metaphor

The best part is that the crab is the symbol for the zodiac sign Cancer, so in a way even the crab itself is a metaphor




REALLY just wanna take this chance to remind the people who follow me to not kill/trap opossums if they’re in your yard, and do not call animal control! Seriously.

  1. Opossums are literally 100% BIOLOGICALLY INCAPABLE of carrying rabies. Their body temperature is too cool to incubate it properly.
  2. Opossums are actually quite gentle and NOCTURNAL, so if they’re roaming, they’ve probably gotten lost, been injured, and are looking for a place to hide.
  3. Young opossums tend to try to climb into garbage cans when they’re starving. This is because THEY ARE LITERALLY STARVING. Don’t fucking shoot them or hit them with things because you wanna be some fucking macho top-of-the-food-chain cocksucker.
  4. Mama possums are amazing mothers and if you encounter an “aggressive” opossum, it’s probably because she’s got babies hanging off her nipple and she’s freaking out. They’re clumsy. Sometimes they don’t hear you coming and  you catch each other off guard.
  5. Wanna lure an opossum off of your property? You can set up a box with some greens and cat kibble in it, hide it well, and lure them out that way. They’re actually quite harmless and keep other predators away. they eat lotsa gross stuff.
  6. Opossum mamas who get hit by cars often still have their helpless babies attached to them. Possums get a bad rep and people say they are “the dumbest animal”, but they are incredible creatures who have been around since the days of fucking dinosaurs so treat them well, okay?


I got in an argument with my uncle last week over an orphaned, emaciated, severely dehydrated opossum who we received a call on, and who didn’t make it. She was too far gone; she was horrifically infested with fleas (she was young enough to be riding around on mama’s back still, and the fleas mean she had been abandoned for several days at least), her mucous membranes were unresponsive, which means she was life-threateningly dehydrated, and was basically skin and bones. She lasted less than 4 hours after intake, before I could even begin rehydrating her. She even had a form of ‘cat cancer’ in an abscess on her foot. This was the first animal we’ve lost in our wildlife rehab. I was very upset by the baby opossum’s death, since I was going through a very, very hard time that week. I posted on Facebook that she didn’t make it, as I keep my friends updated on my wildlife rehab efforts. My uncle basically said something to the effect of ‘good riddance.’ I was furious that he had the nerve to say that to me when wildlife rehab has been my childhood dream and is my passion now. I made all of these points and more, and told him that it was inappropriate and unacceptable of him to say those things and that I would not tolerate my passion being reduced to a joke. Virginia opossums are incredible animals: they are North America’s only marsupial, and are vital to our ecosystems. They are highly evolved to virtually any habitat and have evolved to not only be almost 100% resistant to rabies, but are resistant to ticks which helps control Lyme disease, are very resistant to snake venoms, and help control insect, rodent, snake, amphibian, and other small animal populations, and are completely harmless to humans. Opossums are absolutely incredible animals, and deserve the utmost respect from us. Please never trap or injure opossums, even if they are in your trash. Instead, be responsible and keep your trash secured if you do not like opossums or other animals getting in to it. Remember that opossums are doing their best to survive in an urban habitat, since we took away their natural habitats to build our cities. Protect our opossums!

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